An Industry Leader
Aradiant Corp. provides a uniquely integrated approach to supporting customers and growing business revenue. Our suite of services includes two levels of Customer Care, Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support and a product-rich Wireless Messaging Center. We’ve earned our place as a leader in each area by providing unparalleled support to our clients’ customers.

Turning Customer Interactions into Revenue
Anybody can answer a phone or type an email. At Aradiant, we capture valuable information during every customer interaction. Our advanced reporting capabilities make it possible for our clients to use this information for targeted marketing. Our Approach is to operate your call center turning it into a state-of-the-art contact center so that it generates additional revenue for your company.

Your Strategic Partner in Profits
Aradiant is more than an outsourced call center. We’re your strategic partner in creating innovative ways to keep your customers happy, give you a competitive edge and increase your profits.

Innovative Solutions:

  • Customer Care – Customer Care 1 & 2 for around-the-clock customer service involving orders and transactions, billing, shipping, and sales and marketing support over multiple communication channels.
  • Technical Support – Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support for quick response to any technical issue.
  • Wireless Messaging – Operator-assisted and automated Wireless Messaging Services for corporate and personal communication.

Why Outsource to Aradiant?

  • Our experience, people, services, and technology provide innovativesolutions for your Customer Care, Technical Support or Wireless Messaging needs.
  • Immediate, personalized care increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Our readily scalable capacity immediately responds to fluctuations in customer traffic.
  • Customized reporting and analysis of interactions help you achieve your business goals.
  • You learn more about your customers and find opportunities to grow your business through targeted marketing.
  • Outsourcing leaves you free to focus on your core business competency.