Harnessing the Latest Technology to Work for You
Aradiant Corp. stays on top of communication, harnessing the latest and greatest technology to work for you and your customers. We’ve made the significant investment in state-of-the-art technology backed by redundant systems to ensure that your customers can contact us anytime and from any location. Aradiant’s technology is supported by industry leaders that take the same approach to quality service that we do.

Providing Innovative Technical Solutions
Aradiant supports its iGuidesSM and your customers with the latest technology. Giving your customers choices is the first step in growing satisfaction and with the systems that we have in place Aradiant has the ability to do just that.

Our clients’ customers can quickly contact our iGuides via toll-free numbers, email, live chat with collaborative browsing, voice-over Internet, fax, and through our wireless services. If traffic is heavy, your customers can choose automatic callback instead of waiting, either by phone or Internet-and they don’t lose their place in the queue!

Our technology enables us to provide an unsurpassed level of service to all of your customers.

Supporting Your Business as it Grows
In addition to giving your customers a variety of choices in communication, Aradiant has the unique capability to grow with you as your business grows. We have the distinct ability to expand our operations and technology to support your growth and meet your changing needs.

Give Your Customers Choices
Today’s customers are accustomed to a variety of communication channels. You must be able to respond quickly and provide satisfaction in any channel the customer chooses. For Customer Care and Technical Support, Aradiant provides integrated, multi-channel solutions. Your customers can choose from a number of ways to contact our iGuidesSM.

  • Toll-free numbers – Customers simply call your toll-free number to speak directly with a knowledgeable Aradiant iGuide.
  • Automatic phone or Web callback – Our advanced features — such as automatic phone or web callback — ensure that your customers won’t have to wait and wait for answers; they leave their number in our system without losing their place in the queue, and an iGuide will call them back.
  • Email – Email response provides cost-effective and efficient service. Customers get an instant reply followed by timely answers to their questions
  • Live chat – For customers who prefer getting answers online in an interactive chat session, Aradiant provides live chat with iGuides. Live chat gives your customer the freedom to continue surfing. It’s a great way to keep your customers online at your web site as they receive the answers they need.
  • Voice-over-Internet (VoIP) – Voice-over-Internet allows your customers to communicate with Aradiant iGuides while surfing your Web site, all on the same phone line.
  • Collaborative browsing – Collaborative browsing (or co-browsing) goes a step further and enables Aradiant iGuides to literally point your customer’s mouse in the right direction on your Web site.
  • Wireless and Internet messaging – Wireless and Internet messaging enables your customers or employees to easily communicate via any wireless device.
  • Fax – Faxes are transmitted to our iGuides via dial-up or Internet connection.

Unmatched Options for Messaging
For Wireless Messaging, Aradiant provides an unmatched array of options in operator-assisted word messaging and numeric page messaging. More about our messaging services.

Utilizing Technology to Support Knowledge
Within every channel, customer contact data flows into your customized knowledge database, and intelligent responses flow back to your customers. Aradiant provides the technologies required for state-of-the-art communication, as well as the means to acquire knowledge from it.

Facilities That Accommodate Your Needs
Aradiant is committed to putting the best technologies to work for your customers. Through our expertise, proprietary state-of-the-art technology, and infrastructure, we’re able to stay a step ahead of the market and work quickly to offer the most innovativesolutions available.

Aradiant’s large facilities are designed to accommodate as many systems, database servers and iGuides as our clients need. Our systems are supported by redundant power supplies and the numerous servers required for email, Web, application and database use. System monitoring is conducted both remotely and by 24/7 on-site control room technicians.

Our iGuides assist your customers 24/7 using the latest systems, technologies and methods available for live-agent support.

Infrastructure Reliability — Above and Beyond
Redundancy in all of our systems means Aradiant will stay up and running. Our infrastructure has a service reliability of 99.98 percent. Our investment in critical systems equals twice the industry standard, including:

  • Highly reliable, high-speed data and telephonic circuits
  • Power reliability: back-up and redundancy
  • State of the art servers and multi-processors
  • Secure data storage: RAID arrays, clustered database servers, online tape backup, offsite data storage

An extensive staff of engineers keeps it all running, every hour of the day, every day of the week. Our readiness spells your peace of mind.

Scalable Capacity for Growing Businesses
Aradiant’s investment in technology means we can scale our capacity to fit your needs as your business grows. We have the technology, the facilities and the personnel to provide exceptional service to more and more customers, leaving you free to focus on your core competencies.