What Type of Service Are You Getting from Your Call Center?
You already know that customer service is a critical competitive differentiator for companies — online and offline. The competition is just a phone call or click away, and after one bad experience a customer may leave you forever.

A good Customer Care solution is one that guides the customer to the products or answers they want; one that the customer seldom seeks out due to problems.

It’s Not Just about Answering the Phones
A superior Customer Care solution treats every encounter with a customer — by phone, or online — as an opportunity to gather information. It helps you discover: Who are your customers? Why are they contacting you? What they are buying? What are the problems they encounter and the products or services they want?

It’s about Gaining Knowledge and Business Direction
An innovative solution organizes data collected from your customers and gets it to the people who need it — fast, and in a format that clearly points to better business decisions.

It’s about Growing your Business
An innovative solution enables you to personalize your customers’ experience. You can cross-sell and up-sell products with more success. Your marketing and R & D departments gain vital information to direct the course of your business.

Your customers not only come back happy, they sing your praises.

Is Your In-house or Outsourced Call Center Doing This for You?
Learn more about successful Customer Care and Technical Support strategies by exploring Aradiant’s Approach.

Innovative Services that Grow Your Business
Aradiant Corp. provides a uniquely integrated approach to supporting customers and growing business revenue. Our suite of services includes two levels of Customer Care, tier 1 & 2 Technical Support and a product-rich Wireless Messaging Center. We’ve earned our place as a leader in each area by providing unparalleled support to our clients’ customers.

Expand Your Markets and Increase Your Revenue
Our comprehensive, integrated solutions offer added value far beyond an outsourced call center. Anybody can answer a phone or type an email. At Aradiant, we capture valuable information during every customer interaction. Our advanced reporting presents the data, ready for analysis, which will strengthen your target marketing. We have a unique Approach to operating your call center that will help you gain insight into your customers, expand your markets and increase your revenue.

Achieve Your Goals Through Innovative Solutions

Customer Care – Customer Care 1 & 2 delivers personalized, live-agent service for your customers through a variety of communication channels.

Technical Support – Reliable and efficient Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support solutions.

Wireless Messaging – Easy-to-use solutions for your customers Wireless Messaging needs.

Give Your Customers Exceptional Care
Aradiant Corp. understands that each contact with a customer is an opportunity to add value: retain a customer, up-sell and cross-sell products and grow your business. We’re dedicated not only to quality customer support, but to increasing your overall revenue.

Turn Customer Interactions into Sales
When calls come in, our Customer Care Information Guides (iGuidesSM) smooth and personalize the transaction. When customers cancel or return a product, our iGuides listen and find out why. Their mission is to turn problems into sales, and sales into up-sells.

Aradiant iGuides Increase Your Revenue
Aradiant iGuides apply their professional skills to outbound tele-sales or to follow-up calls for targeted marketing. They’ll even cross-sell your products or services across our client base.

Your Customers Can Contact Us Anytime
Your customers can seamlessly contact our iGuides through a variety of communication channels, including toll-free numbers, email, live chat, voice-over-Internet, and collaborative browsing — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Innovative Solutions
Aradiant provides skilled professionals, technology and facilities for premium Customer Care at the following service levels:

  • Customer Care I – Ensure satisfied customers with friendly order taking, efficient transactions, pre- and post-sales support and problem resolution. Customer Care I iGuides assist with billing and shipping inquiries, maintaining customer lists, and numerous other services customized for your business.
  • Customer Care II – Watch your profits grow as our Customer Care II iGuides up-sell and cross-sell your products or services, as well as provide in-depth problem resolution, fraud research, and a wealth of services customized to meet your needs.

Give Your Customers Unsurpassed Technical Support
Aradiant Corp. offers technology companies full-service Technical Support. To your customers, the quality of support they encounter is as important as the quality of technology product or service they purchase.

Proactive Resolutions Without the Wait
With an Aradiant solution, your customers avoid long waits on the telephone or online — they have options. Our skilled Information Guides (iGuidesSM) respond quickly, and effectively resolve your customers’ technical issues.

Value-add Reporting Increases Revenue
In addition to satisfied customers, we provide the added value of immediate, intelligent reporting to help you rapidly address issues, focus your research and development efforts, and increase revenue.

Meanwhile, you can concentrate on your core competencies, knowing your customers are getting the answers they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Innovative Solutions
Aradiant provides skilled professionals, technology and facilities for premium Technical Support at the following service levels:

  • Technical Support I – Instill a positive first impression with customers through a friendly, reliable Help Desk. Aradiant Level I iGuides resolve technology concerns quickly and efficiently. They handle all types of Help Desk issues, including password resets, operating software/hardware, and installing, uploading, or downloading programs. 
  • Technical Support II – Build customer trust and loyalty by providing expert, personalized support for any and all of the questions and problems that arise. We rapidly escalate your customers to Level II iGuides when they require support for product troubleshooting, system/router/network and connectivity-specific issues, programming inquiries, and other advanced issues.

Word Messaging Services
   |   Custom Numeric Services
OneConnect®   |   Corporate MessageYes!TM   |   Voice Anywhere

An Abundance of Wireless Messaging Solutions

Aradiant Corp. provides state-of-the-art live-agent and Internet messaging services for all wireless devices. Our corporate and personal communications solutions include multilingual operator-assisted messaging, personal toll-free numbers, and a wide variety of Wireless Messaging and paging services.

Personalization any Time — Any Device
At any time of the day, callers simply dial a toll-free number and leave a message with a friendly Information Guide (iGuideSM). The iGuide receives, verifies and sends the message on. Within seconds, the customer’s wireless device receives the complete message.

Special features turn wireless devices into full-fledged personal communication centers.

Flexible Paging Services
Customers of numeric paging services want flexibility. The small size and low price of numeric paging lets them put their pager to work receiving messages 24/7. Aradiant gives paging customers what they want and more: convenient paging, a toll-free number, a customized greeting — plus voice mail.

Become our Strategic Partner
Aradiant offers 24/7 quality services. In addition to reliable delivery of services, we supply marketing and sales support, expert technical development and extensive customer support.

We partner with wireless carriers and resellers throughout the U.S. to provide innovative messaging solutions to corporations, small businesses and individuals. Our unique services combined with our partners’ strengths make for a winning combination.

Innovative Solutions

  • Word Messaging Services – Aradiant offers a full suite of fast, accurate, bilingual operator-assisted services, with all the important features. 
  • Custom Numeric Services – Customers receive added value through personal toll-free numbers. Give your paging customers what they want and more: convenient paging, a toll-free number, a customized greeting — plus voice mail. 
  • OneConnect® – Combine all communications-voice mail, email message or page-through one toll-free number! Turn your wireless device (pager, cell phone, or PDA) into a multi-service communication device. 
  • Corporate MessageYes!TM – A full-featured, single source solution for wireless Internet messaging, designed especially for corporate and group use.

Voice Anywhere – an automated communication solution that allows subscribers to access e-mail anytime through any phone. With Voice Anywhere, subscribers can take advantage of the power of e-mail as a communication tool without the need for a PC or internet connection.